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As a consultant to the hearing industry. I was dismayed to find out how many of the direct-to-consumer hearing aid companies were simply reselling cheap amplifiers from Chinese websites.

Rather than expanding consumer choice – alternatives like Analog hearing amplification had simply disappeared from the market.

From my experience, analog hearing aids – the original hearing aid technology – have the potential to assist a great number of patients. However, this alternative has disappeared from the hearing aid market.

– Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri

MD Founder of Analog Hearing Labs

Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri thought he had “fixed” the hearing aid industry.

As a newly minted ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeon in 2003, he was shocked to find that many of his patients could not afford the hearing aids he had prescribed. Knowing that hearing health was crucial to living a productive and useful life, he founded his own company in 2008 to help not only his own patients but also the millions of others who needed assistance.

Dr. Cherukuri focused on bringing medical-grade quality hearing aids with accompanying service at an affordable price to the market. Within a few years, his vision paid off as his company grew to become the largest online seller of hearing aids.

Once Congress had also taken notice and passed the bipartisan Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Act of 2017, Dr. Cherukuri felt that he had accomplished his mission and “fixed” the industry. He sold his company and returned to his full-time practice.

Hearing Aid Industry

Unfortunately many hearing aid companies now began exclusively chasing the cheapest digital technologies available and flooded the marketplace with them.

This strategy resulted in cheap digital aids which sounded tinny, unnatural, and which were difficult for patients to adjust to.

Paradoxically, this explosion of cheap products actually resulted in LESS CHOICE for the consumer. By focusing solely on the cheapest “solution”, the hearing aid companies removed other affordable options from the market, and many patients were left behind as a result.

By their nature, digital hearing aids “sound like a hearing aid” due to the signal processing and inherent delay that delivers a hollow and unnatural sound similar to listening through a seashell.

Hearing Aid Companies

As someone who had sold over half a million hearing aids, Dr. Cherukuri knew that other affordable options existed, and that the current situation was unacceptable.

He resolved to “fix” the industry a second time.

After researching alternative technologies, Dr. Cherukuri found that utilizing and upgrading the original hearing aid technology – analog – assisted the greatest number of his patients. However, this alternative had disappeared from the hearing aid market.

Dr. Cherukuri went back to work for his patients and developed the TrueEQ, the ONLY analog hearing aid on the market, to bring CHOICE back to the hearing market.


As you will see when you try it, the TrueEQ reproduces sound more naturally and is easier to listen to than digital aids. Here are just a few of the key benefits of the TrueEQ:

  • A fuller, richer sound – not tinny or manipulated like a digital hearing aid
  • Sounds “sound” more natural – like how you remember them
  • Greater ease of listening and acceptance by your ears and brain
  • Increased use of the aids and improvement of hearing health

Dr. Cherukuri hopes that you will benefit from his research and live your best hearing life as a result.

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